April 9, 2013, by Sarah Kalish

Continuing Education

I’m no expert on Education – I’m not a teacher or a parent, and my exposure to the educational system lies only with my own personal experience.  I am the product of a foundation of Montessori method learning with a dash of public high school and a large dose of private, liberal arts college.  Until coming to SHP Leading Design over three years ago, I had no idea how many people contribute to the process.

As part of our commitment to serving our educational clients, SHP has been offering the staff some Lunch & Learn programs inviting superintendents and upper level district administration to come speak to us.  As HR Manager I could easily say this doesn’t apply to me and spend my lunch break running errands or updating my Pinterest boards, but I decided to see what these professionals had to say and I’m so glad I took advantage of the opportunity.  These have turned out to be fascinating peeks into the lives of school administrators. I quickly realized that as a member of SHP Leading Design, their content does apply to me.

At SHP we strive to joyfully enrich the lives of others through service and design.  I’m not in a client facing role but I’ve always worked in the professional services industry and considered the staff to be my clients.  To serve them, I need to better understand their goals and what they are working on.  By doing my job well and hopefully making their day-to-day work experience easier, they can devote their time to our valuable clients.  I hope to keep increasing my knowledge of the industry - if we don’t expose ourselves to new things, how would we keep learning?

As we get older and busier it’s hard to find time to continue our own education, and it seems like a daunting task.  We should all try to capture even small opportunities.  If you can stop to observe someone you admire, listen to a speaker or check out a documentary, we can continue to improve.