June 25, 2013, by Josh Gentry

Design Beyond Substantial Completion

I have been having a lot of fun working with a current client of ours and I wanted to share the enjoyment. In 2006 this client had a major renovation to one building and a completely new building constructed. SHP Leading Design not only did the architecture but also the engineering of the MEP systems, so we know these buildings quite well. Our client had a problem with the (BAS) Building Automation Systems during the construction, it is a pretty lengthy story with failed insurance bonds, but the building was opened on schedule. The problem was that the building was left with a BAS that was controlled by a difficult contractor.

The fun part of this is that we are now working with them to resolve this issue! During an Energy Audit of their systems we identified issues with the controls system that were hindering not only energy savings but also comfort. The fun part is by designing the building MEP inhouse I have access to all of the building's information. I am able to not only understand the design but properly improve it with current practices.

I know that you are probably wondering why I think this is fun or how much of a nerd I must be. The thing is that I am not responsible for re-inventing the wheel, but adding flames to the sidewalls of that bad boy! Instead of investing all of this time in figuring out how the system functions and how to explain that to the contractors for pricing, it is given to me up front. I have been spending my time fine tuning the design, and working with the contractors to try to help the client get good numbers. So far this has been a super smooth process and I will work to make sure our client gets the most out of one of our designs!! What is more exciting than that!?!