May 20, 2013, by Dion Dwityabaswara

Hand-drawn Style

It seems the trend is going around like a circle. In the beginning there was the beautiful hand-drawn renderings that looks fabulous, but require a lot of time and artistic talent. Then technology made it possible to make beautiful lifelike photorealistic renderings in no time. However, we never forget how beautiful hand-drawn style renderings are and we strive to once again capture that look.

What is so great about the hand-drawn style is the human touch. As much as a computer's ability to simulate three-dimensional objects accurately, there is not really a way to simulate human touch. At least not yet. I would imagine at some point we could have our rendering software provide us with a drop down menu: Whose talent would you like to simulate?  Picasso?  Monet?

Not everyone has a natural talent for hand drawing, so people like me resort to technology to produce images. That is one of the reasons I love technology so much is that it enables me to do more than what I am naturally capable of.

Below are two of my recent endeavors in "hand-drawn style" renderings. With these renderings, I have put very little actual hand touch. Mostly Photoshop's watercolor effect and outlines produced by my rendering software (3ds max).

eb_mod4_rgba2_flattened_forblog eb_mod4_rgba2_flattened_watercolor_forblog

(Image commissioned by CDA - Community Design Alliance)

However, I still believe that more personal touch is crucial to beautiful hand-drawn style renderings and in the future I will strive to put more and more hand touch. Who knows, maybe there's an artist in me trying to come out.

cam2-1-prforblog cam2-1-_forblog

(Image commissioned by Zane State College, an earlier version of the current design)