September 12, 2012, by Charlie Jahnigen

Has This Economy Made You A Leader?

As Seth Godin discusses in his September 1, 2012 post titled “Different genes”, leadership can be a naturally occurring trait but more likely is a learned behavior.  In this challenging and ever changing economy, the playing field is open for architects and designers to rise as leaders at all levels of an organization.  Because of staff reductions, mergers and acquisitions, workers have to change their way of thinking and how they fit within a team or project.

In my own day-to-day experiences, I have seen new leaders initiate evolution and develop practices that have streamlined our processes and become more project centric.  New markets and better service offerings are providing leadership opportunities to a wider variety of the staff.  Those who previously served in support roles are taking the reins (or calling the plays) and branching out into new arenas.

So, in this ever changing economy, in what way(s) have you become a leader?  I'd love to hear from you.