Schoolhouse of Quality®

At SHP Leading Design, we know that community involvement and support are the cornerstones of a successful school. By blending the science of research with the art of understanding school district needs, we developed the nationally recognized and award-winning Schoolhouse of Quality process. Our process encourages participation from a wide variety of stakeholders in a number of different ways. We firmly believe it is better to lead with questions rather than answers and preconceived notions.

For over two decades, SHP has used the Schoolhouse of Quality process on a variety of projects, including facility renovations, new facilities and entire master-planning efforts across the spectrum of educational levels (K-12 and higher education). SOQ is credited as the first community engagement process nationwide and proves to offer unique value to our clients still today. Our process has been:

  • Employed on more than $1 Billion work of public K-12 architecture, including hundreds of buildings and tens of thousands of people.
  • Recognized in the book celebrating the 150th anniversary of the AIA: Architecture Practice, An Eye for Success.
  • Celebrated in the book The Schoolhouse of Quality: How One Voice Built a Better School.
  • The Catalyst for Schoolhouse of Quality magazine, which went on to succeed as Insite and most recently as a series of online articles in keeping with SHP’s commitment to sustainability.


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