October 9, 2012, by admin

My “App” Problem

"I Have a Problem"

I am an app junkie.  There, I said it.  Isn't that one of the twelve steps, admitting your problem?  At last check, I have downloaded over 250 apps through the App Store.  I have a problem.  I like to think that I am an “App Beta Tester”.  So I have compiled a list of the apps that I can’t live without, that I am currently “playing” with, and my guilty pleasure apps.  Here is my list.

Apps I Use Daily

Notes Plus

This is my absolutely can’t live without note taking app.  I use to carry around Moleskins where ever I went to take notes.  The problem is that I have six or seven notebooks in various states of use that I have to constantly go back and review what I have written.  This is a very time consuming manual process.  Note Plus fixes those issues for me.  All of my notebooks and notes in one place that I can instantly search and share with anyone gives me the confidence to find what I need when I need it.  The app costs $7.99 in the app store and is worth every penny.  There is also a character recognition add-on that I have purchased for $1.99.  This is a great add on that provides a good deal of added benefit.


Autodesk SketchBook Pro

This is by far the best app that Autodesk has released in their iOS app software family.  This app is great for capturing an idea or napkin sketch where ever I find myself.  It also allows me to take pictures in the field and add addition notes or sketches and then email them to my colleagues.  I can also bring in images from Revit to sketch ideas on top of.  This is a must own for design professionals.  The app cost only $1.99 and is also an app that is worth every penny.


LogMeIn Ignition

Ignition is a great app that allows me to connect back to my laptop or to any of our remote stations in the office, no matter where I am.  It has virtually no lag when on a local Wi-Fi hotspot and is still extremely useful when using Verizon or AT&T’s 3G services.  I have actually run Revit on from my iPad using Ignition.  This app when I purchased it was only $19.99, but with some of the updates and added features, it is now going for $129.99.  This is probably a little steep to pay for this, but keep your eyes open for sales that they run from time to time.

Prezi Viewer

I create almost all of my presentations in Prezi these days.  It is such a great way to build a story for presenting.   The Prezi viewer links directly to my online Prezi account which allows me to review and practice any of the presentations that I am working on.  It only allows for some minor editing of an existing presentation, but it can be projected or shared with others directly from the iPad and uses the iPad's intuitive controls to navigate within presentations.  It is a free app and connects directly to a free online Prezi account.


Apps I Am Testing


I am continually amazed at the new uses for Mindjet that I uncover with each use.  The Mindjet app is a scaled down version of the full featured desktop application.  It allows for basic mind mapping on the fly and is a great way to capture ideas in a meeting.  It also allows for viewing of mind maps that have been created using the desktop software which connect with the online Mindjet accounts.  I have yet to uncover all of the features and uses of the app but continue to discover more with each use.  The app is free, which is a great price for an experimental app.  I love the desktop software and feel like the link between the two will only grow stronger.

Paper by 53

This app is my new sketch book on the go.  Its beauty is in its simplicity.  It has very simple controls and responds great to quick sketching.  It allows you to create multiple sketch books that can contain different types of sketches and different subjects.  The app is free to try but only comes with the pen tool.  After using this for only a few days I quickly invested $6.99 in all of the tools which include a fat marker, pencil, watercolor, and ink tool.  I am trying to use this app every day to improve my sketching and visual story telling skills.


BIM 360 Glue

This is a new offering from Autodesk that started out in the Autodesk Labs group.  I have just recently started to play with it, but it looks very promising.  It is a model viewer that works well out on construction sites.  It allows the model and the information contained within the model to be shared with field reps through a Autodesk's Navisworks export.  This is another free app that was just released and is already showing great promise for use in an Architectural or Engineering firm.



Guilty Pleasures


I need my music.  I listen to this app all the time.  I actually pay for the premium service.  It provides me with unlimited offline play lists, access to tons of music, and the ability to stream new music anywhere.  I haven’t found too many artists that are not available on Spotify, but there are a few.   Most of the artists that are missing from Spotify are missing from all digital music services so it really isn't a huge loss.



Architect Magazine Reader

The iPad is a great way to read any digital magazine.  The ability to save and share articles and images from this app enhances the reading experience greatly.  This is one of my favorite magazine apps.





Google+ has really turned in Facebook for the corporate world for me. I love following what is going on in the business world through Google+.  The app is a very functional full featured replication of the Google+ environment.  It is a great way to catch-up on news on the go.



So, there you go.  What are you favorite apps?  I'd love to hear from you.