Bowling Green State University School of Architecture

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Project Description


SHP Leading Design provided facility assessment services in order to develop the program, space plan and design for the relocation of the Department of Architecture and Environmental Design to a single, shared location on campus.

Key features:

  • The project was an adaptive re-use of an existing, high bay storage warehouse to create design studios, administrative offices, shared group learning spaces and a resource and media library for the program.
  • The facility assessment and development of preliminary estimate of construction cost of the existing warehouse space on campus included building envelope, installation of elevator and fire protection systems, interior conditions, mechanical systems, electrical systems, plumbing and technology.
  • The resulting renovation of the warehouse uses volume to define space and  materials to create a dynamic environment for design studios, administrative and faculty offices, gallery area, lecture room, conference space, workshop, computer lab and library/resource room.
Year Completed
Bowling Green, Ohio

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