Fairfield Lane Library

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Project Description


SHP provided preliminary site feasibility and planning services for a new branch building in Fairfield. The design was guided by input from a design team comprised of representatives from both the City of Fairfield and Lane Public Library. The new facility, three times larger than the existing library, creates more space for library materials, public seating, and staff work space.

Key features include:

  • Flexible spaces that can be reorganized as conditions change.
  • An interior that maximizes staff utilization and productivity and the integration of technology.
  • The ability to accommodate future expansion.
  • Each area’s design appeals to a distinct group of users: a “high-tech” motif defines the teen area, a subdued, relaxing feel for the adult-fiction reading area, while vibrant colors decorate the children’s area.
  • A business services room provides access to a fax machine, printer, copier and office supplies to business travelers seeking a satellite office.
Year Completed
Fairfield, Ohio
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