Klau Library Renovation & Addition – Hebrew Union College

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Project Description


As part of a campus planning effort to create a more efficient yet state-of-the-art environment, SHP evaluated the Klau Library to determine its ability to support the college’s future campus vision.

Key features include:

  • Evaluation of the building’s structure determined the exterior skin wasn’t sound and didn’t meet thermal envelope expectations, resulting in a complete reskinning of the building while keeping the building structure.
  • Development of cost estimates as well as phasing strategies for the complete renovation of 42,000 sf.
  • All new HVAC as well as a new campus geothermal system.
  • The design includes a variety of formal and informal meeting spaces to increase collaboration opportunities.
  • A 15,000 sf addition houses administrative offices, a high security exhibit area and provides a new, more pedstrian friendly entrance.
Year Completed
Cincinnati, Ohio

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