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November 7, 2016, by admin

This Election Day, and Always, Every Vote Counts

By Jerry Clark, former Superintendent of Piqua City Schools in Piqua, Ohio and current Business Development Manager at SHP. While most people are glad to see the 2016 election cycle come to a close, there is one aspect we all can agree on: this election has energized voter participation.  During my 45 years of working in […]

October 8, 2015, by Dan Roberts

Three Considerations for School Consolidation

By Dan Roberts and Jeffrey Sackenheim In most communities, there’s a huge sense of pride in the local school. Teachers stay for years, educating generation after generation. Athletic rivalries form with the school across town. Even the building itself can become a landmark for the community – a place to learn, a place to play […]

April 29, 2015, by Charlie Jahnigen

Beyond the Building

As architects, we’re always studying, learning from and drawing inspiration from the world around us. It’s why we attend industry conferences (like the Summit on Sustainability) and best practices calls, why we ask questions like, “what’s next?” and why we find ways to get involved with the local design community. It’s also why we must […]

November 25, 2013, by Amy Cattrell

SHP Attends Dedication and Celebration of Dayton Regional STEM School

On Thursday, November 21st, 2013, the Dayton Regional STEM School hosted a new building dedication ceremony in conjunction with a 5-year anniversary of the school’s opening.  The public school, located in Kettering, Ohio, serves grades 6-12 with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  While the Dayton Regional STEM School is one of 12 […]

May 15, 2013, by Lindsay Mullett

The Design Crossover

Upon entering into the workforce, the first project that landed on my desk was a new middle school. While this was a different type of design than many of my past projects, I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to design something that would actually be built, so I dove in head first trying […]

May 9, 2013, by Charlie Jahnigen

21st Century Learning Environment Jargon

The 21st Century Learning Environment topic has been discussed and debated in many circles (education/design/technology/politics/etc). As designers adapt to this new model of teaching, I have spent some time reading various publications on the topic. Below is a compilation of frequently used phrases I have seen that are tied to the built environment: • Collaboration […]

April 2, 2013, by Josh Gentry

Designing HVAC Systems to Last in Schools

I feel very fortunate to work with education clients to make improvements to their buildings that range from 15 to 100+ years old. Each of these buildings boast a different design and system yet they each show me what has worked well and what has hindered the adaptation to current teaching techniques. I think that one of the […]

January 8, 2013, by Josh Gentry

Whooping Cough Is On The Rise And Engineers Can Help

I was going through my spam this morning, making sure some important emails didn’t get thrown in with my “Male Enhancement” lies, and I found an email inviting me to learn how to design my buildings to prevent the spread of Whooping Cough. This sounded like and interesting webcast until I saw the $99 fee, and I decided […]