January 22, 2013, by Lauren Della Bella

The New SHP Mission: Joyfully Enriching the Lives of People Through Service and Design

New Year – new plans.  At home we think about projects we need to get done, eating better, working out, losing weight, all the things that seem to stay on the list from one year to another.  At least they stay on my list!  At the office we clean out our desks and our desktops and we begin anew with a renewed sense of organization and purpose.  In reality our To Do Lists don’t usually change from one day to the next just because the calendar flips from 2012 to 2013.   But at SHP, a new calendar brings a new fiscal year and it’s a great time to revisit direction and recommit to what is important.  Especially after being dogged by a down economy for the past two years.

At 112-years-old, there isn’t much the organization hasn’t endured or experienced.  Throughout our history we have focused on who we are and what we value.  Sometimes it gets lost in the clutter and noise and we have to dust it off and remind ourselves what we believe and why we do what we do.

Most people pursue careers in the design professions because they are creative, enjoy working with others, want to solve problems and enrich lives.  In fact it is our Mission at SHP to joyfully enrich the lives of people through service and design. 

Tactically speaking we choose to fulfill that mission by:

  • Understanding Needs and Exceeding Expectations
  • Challenging the Status Quo
  • Transforming Vision to Reality
  • Advancing Social and Environmental Responsibility
  • Building Trusted Relationships
  • Inspiring a Creative and Collaborative Culture

When everyone understands what is important and decisions are made using our mission as a guide, it provides clarity that transcends problems in the economy and gives focus to how we serve our clients, operate our business, work as a team and engage with our communities.

Working in education, we get to watch as people see their new classrooms, labs, arts and athletic facilities for the first time, and we know that any one in the room could be the person that cures cancer or finds life on a distant planet, wins an Olympic medal or leads our nation.  As we shape their environments, they shape our lives.

There is nothing more exciting than helping a client realize their vision and in the process not only fill up your own creative cup but make life long friends doing it.  One of my favorite memories was when an existing client told a perspective client, “If you want to have a great result and form a relationship for life with people that treat you like a member of the family, choose SHP.”   It doesn’t get much better than that.   When we enrich the lives of others through service and design we enrich our own lives as well.