December 19, 2012, by Rene Campagna

The View From The Front

This year, if you have been reading our blog regularly, then you would know that you have heard from all sorts of people at our firm that range in experience level from human resources, marketing, IT directors, interior designers, engineers, architects, and even our very own president, but there is one end of the workforce that you haven’t heard from. It is one end of the workforce that anyone very rarely hears from; the administrative assistants.

Mostly I believe this to be true because we support the office as a complement to our front runners. We are like the opening act to the Headliner.  You will not see me on site with hard hat or in a budget planning meeting but I will always be there to help out in any way I can. I look at my job like the extra hand. No architect  has time to coordinate a meeting, answer the phones, review and distribute mail, order lunch, set up calendars, and order supplies when they are 100% focused on creating a great space for  our client. Do not get me wrong, I am not complaining or unhappy with the role that I play in this firm in any way; I love my job very much! With this job, comes the great responsibility of being the eyes and ears of the office.

As the eyes and ears our office I can tell you, this place is very much like a family. We fight and laugh and maybe even cry. We agree and disagree and gang up on each other and play practical jokes. We celebrate life events and morn when someone leaves us. For better or worse that is us. We have tons of different personalities that come together every day. This is what our office is made of.

But as the eyes and ears of this place, I also see that we are 100% committed to doing the best job we can and completely focused on our clients.  I see architects hard at work to complete the drawings. I see marketing managers tediously getting proposals completed, interior designers comparing samples and reviewing innovative new looks and project managers in meeting after meeting, rolling the budget back, so that everyone can get exactly what they want for the budget we have. I also see our field reps in after a day on site with all the news on how construction is progressing on a project.  We come together day after day to get the job done because the one thing we have in common is that we are passionate about the work and client. That passion shines through all of our differences and the result is wonderful, quality, LEED certified, work that everyone can be proud of.  We love the work like families love each other… unconditionally!

Happy Holiday’s to you and your family! From our family… SHP Leading Design!