Construction Services

SHP Leading Design offers a proactive approach to construction administration. Our team has vast experience in the construction industry, including general contracting and the construction trades. We understand how contractors think and react, which enables our team to build trust and maximize cooperation among all the various trades on the job.

Our construction administration team’s tremendous people and communication skills add even more value to our service. They understand the importance of the information they are conveying and its influence on quality, schedule and ultimately your satisfaction. Their ability to communicate not only with contractors, but also with architects and owners keeps everyone on the same page and the project moving forward. Their ability to build relationships during construction enables them to be a valuable source of solutions throughout the entire project process and beyond.

Construction services we offer include:

Pre-Construction Conferences

Full or Part-Time Project Representation

Shop Drawing Approval

Processing and Approval of Contractor Pay and Change Requests

Progress Reports and Meeting Minutes

Substantial Completion Authorization and Punchlists

As-Built Drawings, O&M Manuals and Close-out

Follow-up During Warranty

Expanded Construction Administration – XCA

Integrated Design and Construction Services – 2enCompass®

Building Commissioning

Electronic Owners Manual