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January 30, 2013, by Fil Anastasio


I’ve been told I can be kind of a font snob. I’ll admit it. I am. I have a copy of the movie Helvetica at home. Yes, it’s a movie about a font.  And no, I don’t think that’s weird.  Well, maybe not too weird… I enjoy well-done typography and like seeing the varying uses of fonts […]

January 23, 2013, by Amy Cattrell

Miami Trace Middle School is LEED Gold

(Columbus, Ohio) – SHP Leading Design is pleased to announce that Miami Trace Middle School, in the Miami Trace Local School District, received LEED gold certification.  LEED is the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) rating system for sustainable building design and construction. “The 128,000 square foot, two-story middle school addresses the needs of the community […]

January 22, 2013, by Lauren Della Bella

The New SHP Mission: Joyfully Enriching the Lives of People Through Service and Design

New Year – new plans.  At home we think about projects we need to get done, eating better, working out, losing weight, all the things that seem to stay on the list from one year to another.  At least they stay on my list!  At the office we clean out our desks and our desktops […]

January 15, 2013, by Sarah Kalish

Resolving to Save Money in 2013?

Cartoon from Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson Welcome to 2013!  Have you made any resolutions this year?  Other than “going to gym”, it seems like the second most common response to that question is “save more money”.   Since we can talk about the latter without working up a sweat, let’s start by looking at your […]

January 14, 2013, by Jeremy Holland

The Joy of Being a School Designer

I’ve been with SHP Leading Design since March of 2010, and attended my first Opening Ceremony yesterday.  It was the opening of Bloom-Carroll Middle School, my first project I saw through from ideas floating in the air and sketched on napkins, to being full of excited staff and students at the open house on January 13, […]

January 8, 2013, by Josh Gentry

Whooping Cough Is On The Rise And Engineers Can Help

I was going through my spam this morning, making sure some important emails didn’t get thrown in with my “Male Enhancement” lies, and I found an email inviting me to learn how to design my buildings to prevent the spread of Whooping Cough. This sounded like and interesting webcast until I saw the $99 fee, and I decided […]

January 3, 2013, by admin

New Year’s Resolutions: BIM Style

Happy New Year’s to everyone.  I hope that the holiday season was relaxing and fun for you.  Wow, first blog post of the year.  2012 more than most years seemed to pass by in a blur.  I don’t know if that is a product of me getting older, or being busier, but it I blinked […]

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