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April 29, 2013, by John Noble

In Search Of That One Impossible Move

“By incorporating (all the concerns of all the stakeholders, including the site and the society) instead of reducing them to the lowest common denominator, you avoid compromise. Instead of meeting halfway, you oblige yourself to solve everything – to keep looking until you find that impossible move that takes into account ALL of the concerns […]

April 9, 2013, by Sarah Kalish

Continuing Education

I’m no expert on Education – I’m not a teacher or a parent, and my exposure to the educational system lies only with my own personal experience.  I am the product of a foundation of Montessori method learning with a dash of public high school and a large dose of private, liberal arts college.  Until […]

April 2, 2013, by admin

When Is A “Standard” Not A Standard?

When is a “Standard” not a standard? There are currently around 150 Building Information Modeling (BIM) Standards that exist across the United States right now.  The definition of a standard: stan·dard  (noun) : something established by authority, custom, or general consent as a model or example -or- something set up and established by authority as […]

April 2, 2013, by Josh Gentry

Designing HVAC Systems to Last in Schools

I feel very fortunate to work with education clients to make improvements to their buildings that range from 15 to 100+ years old. Each of these buildings boast a different design and system yet they each show me what has worked well and what has hindered the adaptation to current teaching techniques. I think that one of the […]

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