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May 28, 2013, by Jenny Gallow

Creating a Lasting Identity

This weekend while watching TV a commercial came on … the music was happy, the colors were bright, the characters were a bit over the top … what were they advertising? I had no idea … but I did know before the red bullseye was on the screen that the ad was for Target. Creating […]

May 20, 2013, by Dion Dwityabaswara

Hand-drawn Style

It seems the trend is going around like a circle. In the beginning there was the beautiful hand-drawn renderings that looks fabulous, but require a lot of time and artistic talent. Then technology made it possible to make beautiful lifelike photorealistic renderings in no time. However, we never forget how beautiful hand-drawn style renderings are […]

May 15, 2013, by Lindsay Mullett

The Design Crossover

Upon entering into the workforce, the first project that landed on my desk was a new middle school. While this was a different type of design than many of my past projects, I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to design something that would actually be built, so I dove in head first trying […]

May 9, 2013, by Charlie Jahnigen

21st Century Learning Environment Jargon

The 21st Century Learning Environment topic has been discussed and debated in many circles (education/design/technology/politics/etc). As designers adapt to this new model of teaching, I have spent some time reading various publications on the topic. Below is a compilation of frequently used phrases I have seen that are tied to the built environment: • Collaboration […]

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