Cedarwood Elementary School

  • Cedarwood ES Ext5
  • Cedarwood ES Ext2
  • Cedarwood ES Cafeteria
  • Cedarwood ES Reading Steps
  • Cedarwood ES Music Room
  • Cedarwood ES Int5
  • Cedarwood ES Gym

Project Description


This two-story elementary alternative school embraces Columbus School’s Project Adventure Alternative Program, where students learn about cooperation, risk taking, challenge, trust, problem-solving, and communication through classroom activities and additional initiatives such as high ropes experiences.  Key design features include:

  • The Adventure Education Center incorporates unique play features into the traditional gymnasium setting. In addition to overhead platforms (accessible from a second floor balcony) and climbing walls, the infrastructure supports additional initiatives, such as a treehouse, zipline and archery curtain, as funding becomes available.
  • A variety of collaboration spaces and impromptu communication spots supports 21st Century Learning.
  • With daylight harvesting, rain gardens, limited rainwater harvesting and geothermal, the building was designed to meet LEED Silver certification but is approaching LEED Gold.
  • The site design integrates features of the adjacent park, which became part of the school site, including an existing walk/jog path.
Year Completed
Columbus, Ohio

Pursuing LEED Silver


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