Chillicothe Intermediate School

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Project Description


SHP is currently designing the new Chillicothe Intermediate School, which will house about 900 students in grades 3-6. The school is being designed around local history, an integral part of the 3-6 curriculum. The school will showcase the rich heritage of the city of Chillicothe-the first state capital of Ohio.

Key features include:

  • A large rotunda with access to a second-floor media center resembles the Great Seal of the State of Ohio.
  • A community room that will allow for multiple classes to come together for group lessons; it will also be available for school board and public use.
  • Grades will be physically separated into pods in different areas of the school, and classrooms will be grouped together by class subject. Pods will feature displays dedicated to each of the four Ohio governors from Chillicothe
  • Large gymnasium with 500-seat stowable bleachers
  • Enclosed outdoor learning areas will provide safe and secure spaces for students to explore the great outdoors
Year Completed
Chillicothe, Ohio

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