Edgewood High School

  • Edgewood High School Exterior
  • Edgewood HS Commons2
  • Edgewood High School Gym
  • Edgewood High School Hallway
  • Edgewood High School Lecture Hall
  • Edgewood High School Media Center
  • Edgewood High School Student and Event Entrance
  • Edgewood High School Classroom

Project Description


The new 217,737 square foot high school is the flagship facility for the school district and provides 21st century learning environment for students.  A grand two-story entrance welcomes students, staff and visitors to the visually stunning school.  Wood ceilings, brick and limestone corridors, rubber flooring and a grand staircase are just a few of the timeless features.

Key Features Include:

  • The central core boasts a 4600 square foot media center and a 2400 square foot presentation room, which will be used for lectures, board meetings and community meetings.  The new school also has 52 academic spaces and nine science laboratories.  There is an entire classroom wing dedicated to fine arts and an exclusive technology program that includes a 2000 square foot production lab, three agricultural education labs and a greenhouse.
  • A separate events entrance leads to an arena style gymnasium that seats 1832 fans and boasts a barrel roof, four-sided score board and a 94-foot college competition court.  Located on the upper level is an auxiliary gymnasium that includes a full-size basketball court and bleacher-style seating.  Coach’s offices, locker rooms, a weight room and a wrestling room are also included in the space.  Multiple display cases, stainless steel graphics and shadow boxes help showcase Cougar pride.  In addition, the cafeteria is located adjacent to the arena providing the ultimate spectator experience.
  • Numerous energy savings strategies were integrated and will help save on electrical costs.  These include orienting the building to face north and south helps to avoid direct sunlight, a geothermal heating and cooling system and a tight building envelope with good windows and insulation.   These strategies will provide a 40% water-use reduction and a 48% energy-use reduction over baseline standards.
  • The site, consisting of over 100 acres of rural farmland, was a highlight throughout the design process. Priority was taken to ensure the most efficient, economical, and environmentally sensitive approach to the site development.  Because of the high school’s location above one of the largest aquifers in the midwest, several bio-swales are located on site to certify that the drainage system is effective in both quality and quantity.
Year Completed
Trenton, OH



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