Ivinson Hospital Master Plan

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Project Description


SHP is currently working with Ivinson Memorial Hospital to prepare a comprehensive Facilities Master Plan, which documents the current status of the building components and the infrastructure, and gives clear direction for future capital planning and strategic development on the campus.

Key services include:

  • Survey of existing facilities to:
    – Identify facility/space opportunities and limitations
    – Determine space utilization and capacity (Gap Analysis)
    – Evaluate building systems capacity, flexibility, and expandability potential.
    – Identify parking capacity and future need
  • Document building deficiencies with potential remedies for short-term and long-range phases of development.
  • Formulate recommendations on the space and building systems capacity and flexibility to accommodate changes without disruption to ongoing operations.
  • Prepare a comprehensive budget and schedule demonstrating to the Board how the project plan can be implemented with detailed budgets.
  • Create a clear and concise road map for the future incorporating “Plane Tree” principles for enhancing the patient and family experience.
Year Completed
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