Pleasant Ridge Montessori

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Project Description


The design of the Pleasant Ridge School delivers many firsts.  As the first school in Ohio seeking LEED certification, the building’s green environment delivers utility savings while doubling as a learning tool for students. The new school led to another first for the district: a 64 percent increase in enrollment when the building opened this fall.

Key features include:

  • An underfloor HVAC system providing heating and cooling where the Montessori students mostly work — on the floor.
  • North- and south-facing windows and sloped ceilings in the classrooms providing an optimal amount of natural daylight.
  • A large window from the corridor looking into the mechanical room and a monitoring system allows students and teachers to observe the school’s energy use.
  • The white roof, which reflects sunlight, reducing heat absorption.
Year Completed
Cincinnati, Ohio

LEED Silver



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