At SHP Leading Design, our services don’t end the day you get the keys to the door. Facilities operation and maintenance are becoming increasingly more complex and interdependent. That’s why we have introduced PointGuard®, a comprehensive and strategic service designed to protect your facility investment.

PointGuard® is a single point of contact for all of your operation and maintenance needs. No longer do you have to decide whom to call, or whether something is under warranty. We handle all of that for you. PointGuard® offers a full spectrum of services that can be tailored to your specific needs. These services can be scheduled on an as-needed basis or as regular preventive maintenance. By supplementing your existing capabilities with our own maintenance technicians, we can provide the most cost-effective maintenance delivery model available today.

Services provided under PointGuard® include:

Maintenance Plan Development

O&M Plan Preparation

Building Systems Maintenance and Management

Equipment Management and Maintenance

Warranty Management

Energy Management

On-site and On-demand O&M


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